Adult Fitness and Dance Class Offerings

Adult Fitness Class Offerings

The following four classes are offered on a drop-in basis or with a class card package.

Barre Flow

Inspired by ballet and Pilates, Barre Flow combines exercise styles including Tai Chi, yoga, Pilates, and ballet barre. Together, full range motion movements releases tension and increases flexibility and strength. Movements and postures involve the ballet barre for stability and balance as well as the mat for targeted core work on the floor. Barre is an inspiring workout, guaranteed to transform and sculpt your entire body.


Students will learn a slow movement & breath routine. These movements are part of a sequence called the Golden Qi Ball, which is a restorative form of qigong based on the Five Elemental theory developed by the Chinese through thousands of years of observing nature. In this Traditional Chinese Medicine practice, students will learn the seasonal protocol that supports the body's organ system, muscles and joints. This class is beneficial for overall wellness & stress relief. No experience necessary and can be practiced at any ability level and age. Qigong means cultivation of energy. Qigong shows the connection humans have with the earth, and through this practice we can restore our body, mind, & spirit through gentle movement and breath. We have become so disconnected from ourselves that we have created a world of stress, disease, and the current healthcare crisis.

Slow Flow Yoga Classes with Yogi Mae at Dancin’ On The Door!

Come practice yoga with us weekly! Yoga is an amazing way to move your body and still your mind. We will be flowing through classic postures at a slower pace so you are allowed to fully enjoy the breath and be present in every moment. Mae guides her students through meditative movements and hopes you leave class with a sense of relief and joy. We are offering the opportunity to take a one hour yoga class with Mae every Wednesday at 10am! Come as you are, beginners are always welcomed.

Dance Fit

Dance Fit is a high-energy fun-filled fitness movement class with a Latin dance focus. Students are encouraged to move at their own pace and abilities. Dance party fitness class where you make it your own!

Adult Dance Class Offerings

The following classes are session offered or registration specific.  Session weeks vary in length depending on the calendar.

Ballet I

Enjoy the beauty and grace of ballet class! The class includes the fundamental principles of ballet, basic positions, vocabulary, barre progressions and center floor movements. This class will break down the steps and provide students with exercises that build strength, maintain balance, and provide a foundation that can be applied to all dance styles.

Middle Eastern / Belly Dance

Embrace the artistic beauty and expression of this ancient dance form while learning its principal movements and traditional styles. This class incorporates all the key fundamental isolations, building blocks for layering movements, combined with traveling steps and choreography.

East Coast Swing Intro Series

Sometimes called Jitterbug or simply Swing, this is the easiest of swing dances to learn. It's one of the most commonly known dances in America. Fun and energetic, Swing has been around since the 1920's and has evolved with each decades popular music from Big Band, Rock n Roll, and Blues. In this class students will learn the fundamentals, basic steps, posture and frame, and how to connect a variety of steps together.


Tap skills are taught using a level building syllabus, great for sharpness of mind, balance and strength, all while having a blast. Warm up, drills, and choreography, tap is great way to exercise!

Adult Dance Private Class Offerings

Any of our classes can be offered as a customized private lesson.  Call with any questions you may have at 920.868.5089 or email us at

Ballroom Dance Sampler

This class is offered to individuals or couples as a private lesson only. Rumba, Waltz, and Swing are introduced in this sample lesson. Learn the basics of social dancing for that upcoming wedding or just for a fun date night activity!